Charles and Brenda Stillings

“As 2012 came to a close, it became painfully evident we were in dire need of in-home professional caregivers. Unfortunately, poor choices made in 2013 left us with feeling defeated and in much regret. Another year was rapidly approaching. What would happen?

My wife’s keen online skills located an agency that seemed to hold promise, even by virtue of their name: No Place Like Home Care, LLC. It was quite compelling to say the least. So, we gave them a call.

We were visited by the two, actual co-founders of this home care provider. As we began talking amongst ourselves, we heard certain words and phrases laden with refreshing traditional old world values: honor, respect, ethics, and morals. We were gently surprised. Their agency’s entire policy found its basis in a long forgotten concept of “Unconditional Positive Regard.”

To date, we have been the direct recipients of the above aforementioned. To put it mildly, we could not be happier.”