Mike Kapilla, Highland II

“Recently three friends and I came to Arizona to visit a close friend who is ill and became in need of night-time care in addition to his family’s daytime presence. Recently I found myself in the position of having to hire 24 hour care for a maiden aunt and also my father. It was not a good experience. So when I met Cheryl and Denise of “No Place Like Home Care” I was blown away. We were there a week and I think I can say that we all fell in love with these wonderful ladies.

Their Christian faith, wonderful personalities, and work ethic made them a joy to be around. It has been almost two months since we have returned home and we stay in touch with them and our friend. He is still doing well and realizes how lucky he is to have found these women. I told my wife upon returning home (only half-jokingly) that if and when I need this kind of care, we are moving to Arizona. If anyone reading this would like anymore information from me, my cell number is 618-973-3668.